Wood Blinds

Durable, Timeless, Versatile

Bring the outdoors in with the relaxed natural charm of Bali Wood Blinds. Wood blinds instantly make your windows the centerpiece of the room thanks to their durable, timeless, and versatile style.

Luxurious and uniquely beautiful, wood blinds bring hard-working benefits to the table:
  • Personalized style. Add your own touch to the authentic charm of natural wood with custom wood blinds—a wide selection of paints and stains let you go subtle and subdued or bright and beautiful.
  • High quality. From the moment our North American hardwood is harvested, we control the quality of our product to ensure that our wood blinds are made to the highest standards.
  • Energy efficiency. Real wood blinds act as a natural insulator that keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Choose the right look for your space and style:
  • Horizontal wood blinds. Available in 1", 2", and 2 3/8" slat sizes, horizontal blinds give you the right options to perfect your look, light levels, and view.
  • Vertical wood blinds. The perfect solution for wide windows and sliding doors, vertical wood blinds coordinate seamlessly with horizontal wood blinds, letting you bring the same look and finish to an entire room.