Solar Shades

The Clever See-Through UV Shield

Solar Shades block your rooms from sun damage, without blocking your view. And they look good doing it.

  • Great View. Solar shades have a uniquely engineered see-through design that brings the outdoors in all day. Enjoy the open view of your yard or garden all day, without sacrificing sun protection.
  • UV Protection. Solar window shades filter out both sunlight and damaging UV rays from your home to shield your rooms from heat and protect your furniture from sun damage.
  • Openness Options. Every solar fabric’s openness percentage tells you how much light and UV rays it filters, and how much you’ll be able to see through it. The openness percentage—ranging from 1% to 14%—tells you how much light and heat it filters, and how much you’ll be able to see through it. Fabrics with lower percentages are woven more tightly than fabrics with higher percentages, which means you can see more clearly through fabrics as the openness percentages increase. In fact, dark fabrics with high openness percentages offer the best views. Light fabrics with low openness percentages offer the most protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays.

The same technology that allows you to see from your darker indoor rooms to the brighter outdoors during the day will allow your neighbors to see into your brighter rooms at night. So, for nighttime privacy, combine custom solar and roller shades in Bali Dual Shades or layer with our custom drapery for privacy (and depth and variety!). Add valances or trim to your custom solar shades to give your solar shades your signature style.