For a timeless, modern look that’s perfect for any décor, Shutters fit your home and lifestyle with customized light control, privacy options, and two louver size choices. Shutters are sturdy and welcoming: an ideal combination that means they’ll be your favorite for years to come.

Product Options

  1. Louver Size
    • 2 1/2" Louvers

      A classic size that complements the scale of smaller windows

    • 3 1/2" Louvers

      A versatile size that suits a variety of windows and improves your view to the outside.

  2. Divider Rail
  3. A divider rail allows the upper and lower half of each shutter panel to operate independently. This feature adds architectural interest and lets light in while still preserving privacy. On especially tall windows, divider rails provide structural support and are automatically included.

  4. Panel Configuration
  5. Determine how you would like the shutter panels to open.

    • Single Panel L
    • Single Panel R
    • 2 Panels LR
    • 2 Panel Bifold LL
    • 2 Panel Bifold RR
    • 4 Panel, 2 Bifolds LLRR
    • 4 Panel, 1 TPosts LRTLR